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Inan Lima & the SOULBEATFUL Party Band


Your Complete Entertainment Solution for Diverse Events and Mallorca Weddings


Welcome, Event Planners, Lovebirds, and Music Enthusiasts!


Step into a world of versatile live entertainment with Inan Lima & the SOULBEATFUL Party Band, a seasoned ensemble specializing in a myriad of events across Spain, Italy, Germany, and particularly as a premier Mallorca Wedding Band. With over 20 years of experience, embrace an enchanting realm where music transcends genres and event types, crafting unforgettable moments tailored to your unique Mallorca love story and wedding visions.


About Inan Lima & the SOULBEATFUL Party Band


With more than two decades of soul-stirring performances, Inan Lima & the SOULBEATFUL Party Band have graced global stages, offering an array of musical styles and band formations. From solo acts to full-band extravaganzas, the goal is simple: to craft exceptional experiences through the power of music, enhanced by cutting-edge sound technology.


Mallorca Wedding Specialists


As specialists in Mallorca weddings, we understand the significance of your love story. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our band offers customizable ensembles spanning various genres and styles, tailored to your lovebirds' preferences. Our harmonious melodies will beautifully complement your wedding plans, aligning seamlessly with your selected wedding suppliers and wedding planners.


Experience the Versatility


Explore a spectrum of musical offerings tailored to your event. Whether you seek the elegance of a swing & jazz band, the energy of a pop band, or the groove of a Motown soul band, Inan Lima & the SOULBEATFUL Party Band's versatile formations cater to diverse tastes. Moreover, providing state-of-the-art sound technology ensures pristine audio for your event. Additionally, complementing live music, professional DJs are available to keep the rhythm going all night long.


Why Choose Inan Lima & the SOULBEATFUL Party Band?


- Over 20 Years of Experience: With a legacy of more than two decades, our band brings a wealth of expertise to your Mallorca wedding, ensuring a seamless and memorable musical experience.

- Versatile Band Formations: Customizable ensembles for your Mallorca wedding, perfectly aligned with your love story and wedding vision.

- Cutting-Edge Sound Technology: Elevate your celebration with top-tier sound equipment and technical expertise, ensuring a premium auditory experience.

- Professional DJ Services: Seamlessly transition between live music and DJ performances to keep the energy high throughout your wedding celebration.

- Local Presence: With a local wedding band based in Mallorca, your event benefits from exceptional entertainment without additional costs for flights and hotels.


Let's Create Unforgettable Wedding Moments Together


Embark on a musical journey that perfectly encapsulates your love story. Whether you're planning an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration in Mallorca, Inan Lima & the SOULBEATFUL Party Band are here to curate a multifaceted musical experience, harmoniously intertwined with your wedding plans and suppliers.


Thank you for visiting. Your exploration into the world of music and entertainment begins now. Let's craft memorable moments, perfectly orchestrated for your wedding celebration.


Why is music and entertainment important for my event?

Live music should not be missing at any event! Here you can book your unique band - depending on your taste and music style. We can offer you an A-Capella Band, our lounge band, a chart band, cover band, tribute band, funk and soul band, jazz trio, as well as oldie band, rock band, or pop band, event band, and gala band. Alternatively, bands for light music or your dance music band and bands that play unplugged.


Professional live entertainment is the top priority of all our bands. We work exclusively with the best musicians and singers in Europe! According to your wishes, you can book or rent your perfect band for your birthday party or trade fair party, your company event, dance event or gala. Our show program and the music titles (repertoire) can be specially tailored to your guests.


At every company party, at company events or Christmas parties, your product presentation or your summer party, our bands play to dance or/and in the background to inspire your guests with the highest live atmosphere.

Deciding Between a Wedding Band and a DJ


When planning your wedding in Mallorca, you might wonder whether to choose a wedding band or a DJ. It's a common decision that depends on what you prefer and how you envision your big day.


A wedding band brings live music, creating a special atmosphere and energy that's unique. It adds elegance and makes your wedding unforgettable for you and your guests.


On the other hand, a wedding DJ offers a wide range of music, from oldies to the latest hits. They keep the music flowing smoothly all evening without awkward breaks. DJs can also be more budget-friendly compared to hiring a wedding band.


The choice between a wedding band and a DJ comes down to what you like, your budget, and the vibe you want for your wedding. Some couples even go for both, having a live band for parts of the event and a DJ for others.


Remember, when making your choice, research well. Pick a trustworthy and experienced wedding band or DJ. Discuss your music preferences and special requests in advance to ensure they create the perfect soundtrack for your special day.

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