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  • Can Inan Lima be booked anywhere in the world?
    Yes, Inan Lima has been working for many years at various events, shows and locations worldwide.
  • What kind of music does Inan Lima perform?
    From funk and soul to latin, pop and jazz.
  • Where can I see the latest videos from Inan Lima?
    You can watch current videos of Inan Lima on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Please click on the social media buttons to access the channels.
  • How much does Inan Lima cost as a singer for my event?
    We will draw up an offer for you personally, exactly according to your needs and wishes. Please contact us for a customized offer.
  • How can I book Inan Lima for my event?
    Please fill out the contact form with all the information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Can I book Inan Lima for my wedding?
    Yes, you can! Inan Lima is an experienced singer and entertainer with over 25 years in the European wedding industry.
  • Can I book a photographer / videographer for my wedding too?
    Yes! Inan Lima's partner Winnie Krieger is a German photographer who is also works in Mallorca, Italy and Austria. Inan Lima also has a large network of wedding videographers all over the world. You are welcome to send him a request for your wedding photographer and/or videographer.
  • We want a wedding party band in Mallorca.
    Yes, you can! Inan Lima and wedding band are also available in Ibiza and Menorca. Our local partners for sound equipment will help you to make your special day unforgettable.
  • Is Inan Lima also available for weddings in Mallorca?
    Yes, he is! Since 2020 he is performing in several events in Mallorca. He has his own band, DJs and sound and light equipment, so you don't have to pay for flights, hotel and more.
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